Haley Snow, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA, BCASE has completed the Board Certified Special Education Advocacy (BCASE) program through the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) and American Academy of Special Education Professionals (AASEP). The program covers a variety of topics as it relates to special education services within a public school system, including federal special education laws, assessments in special education, early intervention, individualized education programs (IEPs) and 504s, and dispute resolution options. Along with completion of the program, Haley has read and studied Alabama-specific laws related to special education through the Alabama Administrative Code. The program also covers a variety of disabilities and diagnoses, as well as common accommodations made for those students. 

Through completing this program, Haley is now educated and trained in advocating for students who may have a diagnosis of: 

It is important to us that you feel supported throughout your child’s educational journey in the public school system, and we recognize how overwhelming the process can be. Our advocacy services are tailored to meet your family’s specific needs. Advocacy consultation services may include: 

While we are excited to offer a variety of services to best meet your family’s needs, special education advocates can NOT: 

We want our families to feel prepared to navigate the public school system. We strive to educate families on how to be the best advocate for their children and are here to walk through this process with you!

Important note: While we are proud to have a certified advocate through NASET and AASEP on our team, there is no national credentialing body that governs or monitors advocates’ education or training. Prior to hiring a special education advocate, consider asking that individual about his/her/their training and education.