ABA Therapy

To understand ABA therapy, it’s important to learn more about a large field of scientific study called behavior analysis. Within it, researchers use distinct principles to understand the relationship between a child’s behavior and their environment, and how one can influence the other. Behavior analysis is a recognized profession that requires specialized training and regulatory practices, overseen by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board® (BACB®).

At Simplified Behavioral Health, we practice Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, which uses systematic, evidence-based methods to improve socially significant behaviors in children with autism. Hundreds of studies have shown that ABA is the most effective form of autism therapy, and it is endorsed by the US Surgeon General.

What is the goal of ABA therapy?

The term applied means two things in ABA therapy.

What are the components of ABA therapy?

ABA therapy involves multiple treatment steps that help children overcome challenging behaviors and develop socially significant skills.

Overcoming challenging behavior

Developing new skills

With the right interventions through ABA therapy, children can improve their behaviors and reach their full potential.