2020 | United way


Here at SBH, we believe in giving back to the community at large, and that it takes a village to see success and independence. It’s our goal to give back to an agency that aligns with our values and mission through our abundance.

This year past year, in the midst of a pandemic in 2020, we decided we still wanted to honor this goal with a donation to a local nonprofit, even if it looked a bit different than we imagined. The 2020 recipient is United Way of Central Alabama & we are looking forward to highlighting the many resources they offer over the coming year!

Learn more at www.uwca.org & read on below as well!

In 1923, leaders in Central Alabama were UNITED by the simple idea that members of a community can come together, pool their resources and work collectively to deal with community issues in a WAY that is more powerful than any one individual or entity alone. Today, while this ideal still guides us, our resources and partner network have grown, enabling us to drive solutions to complex problems.

VISION: Build a great community by bringing people together to help others.

MISSION: To increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another and to improve their community.


• Helping People

• Accountability

• Efficiency

• Excellence

• Voluntary Giving

• Integrity & Fairness

See the list of partner agencies as well.